Community Carbon Marketplace

Does your project qualify?

All organizations interested in knowing if their project qualifies for carbon credits with CCM are encouraged to check out our interactive Project Qualification Tool

Those answering the call from the Comox Valley Regional District are especially welcome to use the tool and tell us more about how your project reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

CCM looks forward to working with all organizations and supporting greenhouse gas reduction projects!
We believe that sustainable solutions can be achieved in a way that supports the local economy and fosters community resilience!

The Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM) is an on-line market where verified carbon credits can be listed for sale and purchased by individuals, corporations and municipalities to offset their carbon footprint. 

These carbon credits are created through community-based initiatives that reduce GHG emissions. 

Funds from the purchase of these carbon credits goes to the organizations and projects that produce them, sustains the CCM and supports ongoing efforts to develop sustainable communities.


Want to know your carbon footprint?

Check out this quick Carbon Footprint Calculator and offset your emissions by supporting local sustainability projects!